Discover your body, clear your mind, and balance with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of movement that promotes health and mindfulness and improves your balance and confidence. During the lessons you will learn Tai Chi forms through individualised instructions. You will be moving in a calm atmosphere, so that the energy can flow freely through your body.

Tai Chi for beginners

Do you want to become more mindful? Improve your health and quality of life?
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Tai Chi is suitable for all ages, from young to old.
Tai Chi can help people with chronic pain as well as people who are recovering from a long-term illness.

What can you learn during Tai Chi for beginners?

In this course you will learn the basics of Tai Chi Including standing like a tree and Tai Chi walk. You will develop a Tai Chi posture.

Tai Chi helps you to have a peaceful mind. You will learn to feeling flowing Qi, life energy. The exercises will help you regulate your breathing and then observe and release your thoughts and emotions.

Discover your body

Do you know when your body is completely relaxed? Are you aware of how you stand, walk, or move your arms? Lely makes you aware of tension in your body and teaches you how to relax your body posture and the way you move.

Being aware of how you move, can help you treat your body in a more relaxed and healthy way, creating more space not only in your body but also your mind. As you practice Tai Chi you may feel more connected with yourself and things around you.

Let go of your mind

Are you a person with a busy mind who finds it difficult to let go of daily troubles? Through our meditative exercises and visualizations, you will rediscover peace of mind and body.

Observe and process your emotions

By observing your emotions and then allowing them to be, you can start feeling free. For some people it can be the first step in processing old events and traumatic emotions.

Let your life energy, Qi, flow

Qi is often translated as 'life energy'. In these lessons you learn about Qi, how to feel its healing energy consciously and how to move it. You learn this through a set of age-old Tai Chi movements – the Tai Chi form.

Improve your quality of life

By learning the Tai Chi techniques, you get more connected with your own inner life and with the people around you. There is a lot of evidence that Tai Chi helps with lack of energy, depression, movement co-ordination, high blood pressure, processing trauma, and more. Above all it is fun and relaxing thing to do!

What do the lessons look like?

Lessons are taught in groups. An important aspect of Tai Chi is slowness and repetition. Through the repetition, over time, we deepen the practice towards internalization. Lely Oei is used to teaching people at different levels in the same class. The basic principles of Tai Chi are learned with the help of the 24-Yang style form.

What do I wear during the Tai Chi lessons?

Wear comfortable and loose clothes in which you can move around freely, and indoor shoes with a flexible sole. That can be sneakers, ballet shoes, or non-slip socks. A bottle of water is always a good idea.

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